Peanut gravity seperator is ideally suitable to seperate split peanut, small peanut, low weight peanut and provide graded maetrial as per the requriement. It is higly efficient and save the hand picked labour. Gravity seperator is also useful to any kind of grain such as maize, green gram, pigeon peas, mung, black gram, coffee. for further information feel free to write us.

peanut gravity seperator
  • Gravity seperator is supplied with 5 Fan with AC Drive to control the fan speed very easily so no need to check the air blow screen. It is very simple and handy to use.
  • Capacity 3000 to 4000 kg. per hour.
  • Bucket elevator made of high grade Plastic material.
  • Bucket elevator complete with reduction hollow gear box with aluminium body.

  • For further kindly send your query to our email
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