We are manufacturer and exporter of fully automatic staple pin making machine for any size of staple pin.

Machine is ideally suitable for making all size of staple pin such as industrial size, heavy duty industrial for packing & wood fitting and all the stationary purpose.

  • Features of AUM Chalk Machinery.
  • Fully automatic staple pin making machine.
  • Wire is inserted to the straightening unit through the feed roll.
  • Pressure on the wire, pressure is adjusted by screwing of individual feed rolls.
  • R.P.M. according to wire length of one staple pin can be set by manual screwing segment type located the back side of this machine.
Description Aum Staple Pin Machine
No. 10
Aum Staple Pin Machine
No. 20
Staple Size you make 10, 23/8, 24/6, 26/6 23/10, 23/15, 23/17, 23/20
Wire Size SWG 0.45mm, 0.50mm, 0.60mm 0.65mm, 0.70mm, 0.73mm
Capacity 300-350 pcs / minute 200-250 pcs / minute
Motor 1/2 HP 1440 RPM 1 HP 1440 RPM
Net Weight 225 kg 325 kg.
Gross Weight 250kg. 350kg.
Required working space 2mtr. x 3 mtr. 2 mtr. x 3 mtr.
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